Muslim AIDS Program & Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

Muslim AIDS Program

The Muslim AIDS Program (MAP) is a South African NGO working to prevent HIV/AIDS through a value-based approach as well as caring for and supporting infected individuals and their families.


In three communities served by the Muslim AIDS Program (MAP), citizens struggle with poor access and a lack of use of HIV and TB services. There is a high prevalence of these diseases, especially among teens in these hard-to-reach populations of KwaZulu Natal (Chatsworth and Marianhill), Guateng (Orange Farm and Soweto), and North West Province (Alabhama).


MAP will connect with these communities to establish support groups for HIV and TB. Their goal is to increase identification of new patients by 20% and achieve a TB cure rate of 90%.

In addition to raising awareness and mobilizing these communities, MAP will maintain databases of patients in order to follow up, which is a goal of the Foundation’s ENGAGE-TB collaboration with the World Health Organization.


  • South Africa National Departments of Health and Social Development
  • Faith-based organizations
  • WHO ENGAGE-TB collaboration