Salesian Life Choices & Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

Salesian Life Choices

Salesian Life Choices is a South African-based youth development organization.


Since being established in 2005, the organization has worked with the South African Departments of Health and Education to fight social issues affecting youth in three Western Cape communities. These issues include HIV, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, violence, and unemployment.

The organization targets youth, parents, and educators with a series of six programs launched in each participating school. These programs address life skills, peer education, career guidance, welfare support, prenatal skills, and skill-building for educators. The goal of Salesian Life Choices is to continue its growth and expand the program offerings.


The Life Choices program is being placed into schools because they provide a way to reach young people from all walks of life. Based on feedback, the program will continue and expand to include access to HIV counseling and testing, TB screenings, psychological and social support, and sexual reproductive health education, which will help start discussions about HIV. A manual will share lessons and best practices and will be distributed to government officials and healthcare providers.


  • Cape Town Departments of Health and Education