SAYWHAT & Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation


SAYWHAT is an organization working to help youth in Zimbabwe and the region to lead healthy lives.


Recent HIV statistics in Sub-Saharan Africa show that young people, especially girls, are most at risk and vulnerable to new HIV infections. Zimbabwe, like most countries, does not have enough resources and programs to effectively address the impact of HIV on young people.


SAYWHAT began as a platform for students to safely discuss sexual and reproductive health challenges and has expanded to 36 institutions of higher learning throughout Zimbabwe. The organization’s efforts to promote knowledge sharing among students have raised HIV awareness and increased support for young people living with HIV.

SAYWHAT is focused on developing ways to monitor and evaluate the program as well as working toward providing HIV services in college clinics. Through treatment groups and social media networking, the organization plans to provide supportive care and mentorship while raising awareness of HIV and TB.

Research findings from the project about young people living with HIV will help the government of Zimbabwe understand the need for resources to support this part of the population.