Shika-Adabu Bamako & Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

Shika-Adabu Bamako

Shika-Adabu Bamako is a newly-formed organization committed to addressing public health issues in Kenya.


Shika-Adabu Bamako, being in its early stages, is concentrating on improving delivery of HIV and tuberculosis (TB)-related services in the Likoni community. Its efforts are focused on vulnerable children, women, gender-based violence, and primary healthcare communities.


Shika-Adabu Bamako will train community health workers in areas of strategy and planning, financial management, and monitoring and evaluation. This training will help develop and strengthen the skills of local partners, stakeholders, and community workers, with the goal of improving the delivery of HIV and TB services.

A strategic financial plan and timeline for monitoring and evaluation of the program will help improve the organization’s efficiency and expand its reach. National AIDS Coordination and Pathfinder International are also providing funding to help this organization.


  • Kenya National AIDS Coordination and Pathfinder International