Talaku Community Based Organization & Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

Talaku Community Based Organization

Talaku Community Based Organization works to help vulnerable people in Kajiado, Kenya in the fight against TB by improving access to information, treatment, and care support.


Overcoming HIV/TB co-infection in Kenya requires education about proper housing practices, maintaining a sanitary living environment, and addressing individual health issues and personal hygiene.


Talaku will focus on the Maasai in Kajiado who live in substandard housing conditions and have poor diets. The organization’s goal is to reduce the stigma associated with TB and HIV/TB co-infection and support patients with either or both diseases.

Talaku plans to offer health education, encourage TB patients to form social support groups, help diagnose patients earlier, and strengthen the community network for TB control. The organization will teach community and county health workers how to bring TB training into the mainstream community.


  • World Health Organization’s ENGAGE-TB collaboration