Ukuzakha Nokuzenzela Women's Association & Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation

Ukuzakha Nokuzenzela Women's Association

Ukuzakha Nokuzenzela Women’s Association (UKUNOWO) is a community-based organization working to ensure orphans and vulnerable children are living in a safe environment and offer them support.


Roughly 75% of the eDumbe region population lives below the poverty level. 70% are without sanitation and electricity and 35% have HIV. Many sufferers do not seek help due to the stigma and discrimination of HIV patients. This has resulted in increased mortality rates from AIDS and TB (frequent co-infections) and a high number of orphaned and vulnerable children as well as child-headed households. Grandparents frequently become caregivers of the children and are physically and emotionally challenged with how to cope with the burden of disease and social problems.


The Ukuzakha Nokuzenzela Women's Association will receive $106,776 over 18 months to support grandparents caring for vulnerable children in the rural eDumbe region of KwaZulu Natal. The area is marked by poverty, lack of infrastructure and a high level of unemployment. UKUNOWO is comprised of rural women, the elderly, youths and single parents who may also be abused, infected or affected by HIV and TB, and unemployed.