A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation

A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation (ABOHLF) will receive $200,000 over two years to develop an Animated Patient’s Guide to Lung Cancer which will build and implement an interactive, highly visual, evidence-based e-learning web resource for patients with lung cancer as well as their families and care givers to promote better understanding and management of lung cancer among the most vulnerable. 


Upon diagnosis, lung cancer patients deal with a 17% survival rate. Sadly, with such a devastating diagnosis, the limited resources available to newly diagnosed patients are not easy to find or navigate and patients and family members are often confused, overwhelmed and distressed. The science of lung cancer is complex and beyond the grasp of most patients. Visual formats of learning can greatly reduce patient barriers to making informed choices, increase participation in self-management interventions, help patients carry out meaningful discussions with health providers and enable participatory partnerships with health care professionals which include family members.


A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation will develop online animations that are simple to follow and are complemented by video that avoids textual complexity.  Through these visual pathways of communication the project will help to mitigate poor understanding and help patients overcome varying levels of health illiteracy, language preference, intelligence or comprehension skills. These animations will simplify the most complex medical concept and make the information understandable to different levels of patients with differing backgrounds, and abilities.

Project Leader

Nancy Torrison, nancy@abreathofhope.org