CUAMM, part of the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon (PRRR) Alliance, will provide technical support to health facilities in four districts in the Oromia Region for "See-and-Treat" cervical and breast cancer services.


Cervical cancer is the leading cancer among women in sub-Saharan Africa and East Africa. In countries like Ethiopia, the problem is exacerbated because of late stage diagnoses that often result from lack of awareness and limited access to healthcare.

The “See-and-Treat" method for addressing cervical cancer is rapidly advancing; it involves Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) screening for early detection of cervical cancer lesions, which can be done at low level health centers with immediate results that can then be treated with cryotherapy at the same visit. CUAMM and other PRRR organizations participated in a mapping exercise and are tracking cervical cancer screening, treatment and outreach efforts, healthcare worker training and financial assistance for patients in need, among a number of other measures of reach.


As part of the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon (PRRR) Alliance, CUAMM will work in four districts in the Oromia Regional State – Goro, Wonchi, Wolisso Rural and Wolisso Urban Woredas. The objective is to increase capacity and provide technical support to 10 health centers to increase see-and-treat cervical and breast cancer services. CUAMM will work on this portion of the project in connection with St. Luke Catholic Hospital.

In addition, the project will provide transportation services to Black Lion Hospital cancer treatment center for patients with advanced disease. This project will also disseminate best practices and lessons learned as part of advocacy efforts to influence future policies and government action to address breast and cervical cancers.


  • Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Alliance
  • St. Luke Catholic Hospital