Hospice Casa Sperantei

Will continue to develop a Nursing Practice Center of Excellence (COE) in Palliative Care for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).  By increasing access to palliative care training for nurses in Romania and CEE, the COE will help to support early integration of palliative care in cancer centers across the region. 


In Romania and in Central Eastern European Region cancer is most often diagnosed in late stages of the disease, and the mortality rate is considerably higher compared to Western European countries. In addition, these patients have little to no access to palliative care services, and palliative care is not widely integrated into the cancer care continuum. 


Through the diverse educational offerings, continued funding for the Center of Excellence will increase access to trainings to build nurse’s competency in the delivery of palliative care (PC) for cancer patients. The Center will support the advancement of PC, improve integration within the current health care system and diminish the barriers to accessing appropriate palliative care for cancer patients. Through trainings delivered by the Center, nurses will engage in research to map the palliative care needs of cancer patients, increase capacity to advocate for policy and program changes, and participate in ongoing training to strengthen skills.

Project Leader

Nicoleta Mitrea, Nicoleta.mitrea@hospice.ro

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