We are increasing awareness about cervical cancer in Tanzania.


Women in Tanzania suffer cervical cancer at a rate significantly higher than elsewhere in East Africa and the rest of the world, and reports estimate the death rate at 80%. In developed countries, pap smears decrease the incidence and prevalence of cervical cancer, but in developing countries such as Tanzania, limited resources and a high number of false negative results present a challenge. In addition, fear and stigma often delay screening and treatment for the disease.


Mbeya HIV/AIDS Network – Tanzania (MHNT) utilizes its extensive network of community volunteers to integrate cervical cancer awareness messages into three existing community-based strategies:

  • HIV/AIDS prevention intervention, in which volunteers provide individual peer education, small group discussions and general community mobilization efforts;
  • HIV/AIDS counseling and testing, in which counselors provide services through mobile and standing sites;
  • Home-based care, in which volunteers visit and provide services at patients’ homes.

MHNT worked with government leaders from the district, wards and villages to plan, organize, and arrange to monitor and evaluate the project. Support groups and a media campaign were developed to encourage early screening and treatment.


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