Tanzania Marketing and Communications

We are increasing cervical cancer awareness, prevention, screening and treatment services.


Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in Tanzania. In women who are infected with HIV, the risk of developing cervical cancer is even higher. Because the rate of HIV infection in Iringa is the second-highest in Tanzania, the public health implications of addressing cervical cancer are substantial. Awareness of cervical cancer prevention, screening and treatment services in Iringa are low because of limited knowledge about risk factors and available screening and treatment services.


Tanzania Marketing and Communications (T-MARC) focused on women age 30 and older in five districts inĀ Iringa that have been identified as high-risk. Males age 20 and older were also targeted, given the close relationship among human papillomavirus (HPV), HIV and cervical cancer. Mentoring sessions on effective approaches, leadership and governance will strengthen the ability of community and faith-based organizations to develop, implement and maintain outreach interventions that increase cervical cancer awareness, prevention, screening and treatment services.

The program will establish a referral system in six locations.


  • Medical Women Association of Tanzania
  • JHPIEGO affiliate of Johns Hopkins University
  • Iringa Regional Health Services
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