Corporate giving document requirements



Patient Associations/Healthcare Organisations (Associations de Patients / Professionnels de Santé):

  • Signed Status (Statuts signés)
  • Publication in the Official Journal (Publication au J.O.) 

Other Organisations (Autres organisations):

  • Copy of the main entry in the trade and companies register (extrait K-Bis)




  • KRPIA announcement (for designated beneficiary by KRPIA)
  • FRM 02 Review and Approval Form
  • Medical Reviewer Checklist for Grant

Charitable Giving

  • Charitable request summary including the written request letter

Domestic Academic Conferences

  • Agenda

Domestically-held International Academic Conferences

  • Agenda
  • Official document certified by Korean Medical Association or Korean Academy of Medical Sciences



  • Sponsorship Agreement (submit no less than 65 days in advance of event)
  • CME Sponsorship Italian agreement
  • CME Sponsorship Italian Agreement to contain full sponsorship package details