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Global Patient Week 2018

Sometimes a hashtag sums it up best: #WorkingTogetherforPatients. From Princeton to Paris, employees throughout the company embody Bristol Myers Squibb’s mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases. Every year in September we reaffirm our commitment to the patients we serve as part of our Global Patient Week celebration.

Volume 5 | SEPTEMBER 23, 2018

Packaging engineer Yusuf Oni was inspired to come work for Bristol-Myers Squibb after being diagnosed with cancer.

When Employees Are Patients

How does it feel when those who work for patients every day become patients themselves? Some of our colleagues discuss their own patient journeys.

Chairman and CEO Giovanni Caforio, second from left, pictured with Bristol-Myers Squibb patients K.T., Lee and Dina.
The Question That’s Become Our Call to Action 
Chairman and CEO Giovanni Caforio reflects on the importance of Bristol Myers Squibb’s Global Patient Week and why it exemplifies the best of our company culture. 
Pictured: Patient Mary Beth and Jeannine
Because There Is More To Do
Bristol Myers Squibb employees and patients explain in their own words what patient focus really means and how our work makes a difference.
Tim Grimes, part of Global Patient Week 2018, autographs a poster in New Jersey.
Patients Are the Purpose 
Bristol Myers Squibb dedicates one week each year to recognize what its employees do every day: focus on patients.

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