Patient focus defines culture, distinguishes company

Bristol Myers Squibb employees explain in their own words what patient focus means to them

September 24, 2017     

Editor’s Note: Ask a Bristol Myers Squibb employee what motivates her or him and the answer is almost always the same: “our patients.”

All around the world, employees who work for the company embody it’s mission to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.

Together, their unyielding focus on patients defines the company’s culture and distinguishes Bristol Myers Squibb among its peers. And while this everyday focus has been recognized for the past three years during the company’s Global Patient Week events, the theme of this year’s edition brings a new sense of urgency: “Because there is more to do.”  That is, more diseases to research, more medicines to discover and develop, more patients to help.

While we have devoted thousands of words and numerous pictures to try to describe what patient focus means at Bristol Myers Squibb, no one can do this as well as our own employees in their own words. So here we feature four of our colleagues sharing their own views on the subject, from their own perspectives, based on their own experiences.

Meet Nancy

Nancy has worked for Bristol Myers Squibb for nearly 20 years, and during that time she never imagined she could become a patient herself—especially with the type of healthy lifestyle she leads. After her cancer diagnosis, Nancy treats every day at work with grace, knowing that any piece of good news can make all the difference for people who are fighting for the lives.

Meet Eric

Eric had always led an active lifestyle, until a sudden, unexpected illness rushed him to the hospital. Today, Eric works as a part of the Bristol Myers Squibb marketing team and has a new-found appreciation for the true impact that speed can have on a patient’s life, including his own.

Meet Kena
Kena and her husband were married for 11 years when he was diagnosed with stage-four cancer that took his life. After his passing, Kena knew she could rely on the support of her colleagues to help carry her through a difficult time.

Meet Stan
Shortly after Stan was diagnosed with stage three cancer, he wrote letters to his wife and children, the letters one writes “just in case.” Today, Stan continues his journey of fighting cancer and relies on the support of his family and work colleagues.

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