Scientific American series: Emerging trends in immuno-oncology

Bristol Myers Squibb is underwriting a series in partnership with Scientific American to highlight emerging trends in Immuno-Oncology (I-O) and their impact on the future of cancer care.

November 26, 2018     

As part of our focus to better understand cancer biology and the intersection with the immune system, we’ve partnered with Scientific American to underwrite an editorial series highlighting emerging trends in I-O, with a particular focus on biomarkers. The series, which kicked off during the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer 32nd Annual Meeting, will feature perspectives from Bristol Myers Squibb researchers on the latest challenges and discoveries in I-O.

The #1 Challenge in Cancer Research

Using the immune system to fight cancer has been a groundbreaking scientific advancement, but researchers are still working to bring this science to more patients.

Uncovering Cancer's Genetic Fingerprint
Researchers are decoding the latest information on an emerging biomarker known as tumor mutation burden (TMB). 
Exploring the Tumor Microenvironment
Researchers are shining a light on the tumor microenvironment to accelerate the next generation of cancer treatments. 

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