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Read Aissata Camara’s story, a BMS employee

August 20, 2022     

Iremember my first interview for an HIV Marketing manager position at BMS in 2010. I was the mother of a newborn baby girl and taking on a second important new job with BMS was challenging, but exciting.

Aïssata Camara

A year and a half later, when my manager suggested I apply for a six-month assignment in Lisbon to help with virology sales and marketing, I was apprehensive but inspired by her support and decided to accept the role. I am proud of the work we accomplished; we believed in ourselves as a team and I was deeply touched by how everyone made an effort to include me by holding all meetings in English. 

As my career progressed with roles in sales, market access and with the BMS Foundation, I became more aware of the importance of inclusion and belonging for women. Gender biases and stereotypes have the potential to hinder some women from applying for certain positions and I was pleased when offered the role of B-NOW Chapter Lead in France in May of 2019 so that we could address some of these issues.

“Our goal is to break down invisible barriers that prevent people from realizing their full potential.”
Aïssata Camara, Associate Director, Value-based Healthcare, Strategy & Operations France and B-NOW Chapter Lead

We’ve been hard at work organizing conferences catering to all BMS France employees and focusing on raising awareness about biases and stereotypes, sharing inspirational stories, and promoting personal and professional development. We encourage the participation and engagement of men as allies, as well. 

I believe we must all embrace this important work. Only when all of us feel empowered to reach for the stars can we make a real difference in the world individually and collectively.

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