Global Inclusion & Diversity stories
Celebrating the diverse teams working across BMS Middle East and Africa

Read Varsha’s, Isreal’s and Mayada’s stories, BMS employees.

August 20, 2022     

Varsha’s story

It’s been more than one month since I transitioned into the pharmaceutical industry and if it wasn’t for my supportive colleagues, I wouldn’t have been able to pick things up so easily. Since we deal with medicines, I expected everyone to be super serious, but we’re so much fun at the same time, I had no trouble adapting at all. And once I learned about the way we operate together as a team, it only made me prouder to be a part of BMS. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

Israel’s story


After ten months of making the big decision to move from Mexico to Dubai, the MEA region doesn’t seem so different from Latin America. We enjoy time with our families, celebrate success together with delicious food (sometimes spicy!) and we enjoy a football match after work together from time to time. In MEA, we also live diversity every day since we serve more than 14 countries with different needs through innovative business models. My role in finance is not an exception to diversity – we have 11 different backgrounds and nationalities and together speak eight languages. Inclusion is something that has impressed me since it’s a natural ability in our office, we encourage every voice: soliciting input and cheering on others to learn. I can definitely say that I have made the right choice.

Mayada’s story

Diversity and Inclusion are the source of our strength. We embrace the differences that make us strong, and work to champion an inclusive attitude that leads to everyone’s participation. Inclusion in MEA goes beyond our BMS teams, it comprises the partners with which we work. This was reflected in the way we managed our partners in times of heightened uncertainty, such as COVID-19 and the tragic blast in Lebanon. Those situations offered us an opportunity to recognize that crises affect people differently and exercising more empathy and compassion during these times is how we act inclusively.

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