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Driving innovative and inclusive practices at all levels of the BMS organization
August 20, 2022     

CLIMB (Cultivating Leadership and Innovation for Millennials and Beyond) is currently the largest People and Business Resource Group in Japan. More than 40% of employees in the Japan office identify as active members of CLIMB, with 17 leadership team members, half of whom sit outside of HQ, dedicating a portion of their working hours to grow and develop the chapter. 

Toshiki Kanamori

Toshiki Kanamori

Toshiki Kanamori, the current CLIMB leader, first took notice of the PBRG while working in a Strategic Program Management role and saw how the PBRGs were a core part of the organization and the growth opportunities that came with being involved. CLIMB demonstrates how employees can build their own networks within BMS and expand their leadership skills through various activities including career forums, skillset seminars, mentoring programs, Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and regional networking. The chapter dedicates time to meeting with other APAC countries for global networking and community building activities. 

The robust culture that has naturally developed around this chapter gained national recognition by ONE Japan, an organization focused on active culture for younger generations in the workforce. In March of 2022 CLIMB was awarded first prize in a contest hosted by ONE Japan that highlighted organizations committed to excellence in company culture. According to ONE Japan, ‘BMS' young(er) professionals were impressive; they are proactively involving other colleagues in the company in an effort to transform its culture, despite the common issues faced by many overseas firms operating in Japan, often needing to address culture differences among generations that can impact taking collaborative work to the next level’. 

This is one of the many ways colleagues at BMS are driving innovative and inclusive practices at all levels of the organization. 

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