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Destigmatizing disabilities in the workplace and fostering inclusion for all

Read Wendy Noctor’s story, a BMS employee

August 20, 2022     

As a proud member of DAWN, the Disability Advancement Workplace Network People and Business Resource Group, I have been vocal about this invisibility and how it has allowed me to work differently in my role. In some ways I am able to perform my role better. For example, in explaining various systems work to colleagues, rather than walking them through a directional guide, I take them through the actual program or system. This hands-on approach helps colleagues understand processes better. It has allowed me to use my dyslexia as a new pathway for working.

“People are often surprised to find out that I’m dyslexic, given my role and function, but I’ve found that in certain aspects of my job, this trait actually helps me do my job better.”
Wendy Noctor, Manager Disposition Lead

Having a disability does not mean you are not competent in your role. We need to destigmatize disabilities in the workplace because they offer a level of diversity to teams that can be incredibly valuable.

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