Going the extra mile for BMS and our patients by taking care of myself and family first

Read Iara Silva’s story, a BMS employee

August 20, 2022     

Iara Silva

I joined BMS as a Training Manager in 2014. I’m not exaggerating when I say I've been living the best years of my career here. I also worked as a Marketing Manager and was recently promoted to New Product Planning Manager after returning from maternity leave. I’ve had two kids since joining BMS. I can assure you that during both pregnancies, I was well taken care of. My office sent me healthy meals, respected my medical appointments, and even made sure I had the right chair to support my posture. My story is an important example of how someone can have a flexible career path –starting in academic science and shifting to the commercial area, then to the medical area and then to marketing. These experiences gave me a strong foundation to get to the position I occupy now.

That is why I tell people "Do not be afraid of changes. Take chances, invest in yourself and seek your professional and personal happiness."
Iara Silva, New Product Planning Manager

Being at BMS makes me complete because I can dedicate myself to what is most important for me and my family. That gives me even more strength to go the extra mile for the company and patients. I also appreciate feeling supported as a mother and valued by my directors. 

Acknowledgments: Gaetano Crupi, GM -Aldemir Cruz, S&O Director –Christina Matteucci,
Oncology Director –Valeria Ribeiro, Marketing Associate Director –Jennifer Wendling HR Director.

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