AtlanticLIVE 2017 Series

Cancer and the Community

AtlanticLIVE, underwritten by Bristol-Myers Squibb, is driving the conversations that address national cancer treatment challenges where they happen—in local communities.

Cancer and the Community

e are underwriting AtlanticLIVE, the events branch of The Atlantic, Cancer and the Community event series. Taking place throughout 2017, the series convenes stakeholders from across the cancer treatment continuum to address challenges and collaborate on innovative solutions through intimate roundtable discussions and engaging public forums.

From Louisville, KY to Washington, D.C., AtlanticLIVE is taking this important dialogue on the road to the nation’s communities with some of the greatest stakes in cancer care today. We have much to learn from our localities and will be sharing our insights from each discussion throughout the journey.

Las Vegas, NV Forum

No One-size-fits-all Approach to Cancer Care | September 20, 2017

We made our way across the United States for our third stop in the Cancer and the Community series to Las Vegas, NV, a state which—with shortages of community hospitals, oncologists, medical students, cross-cultural communications, and funding—is ranked #1 for adults without a consistent place of medical care. As a result, the emergency rooms in Nevada hospitals often serve as a patient’s sole access to care. In this state,  disparities in access go beyond just the ability to pay for care.


During a time where healthcare professionals are taking an increasingly personalized approach to care, convening this conversation among pivotal cancer community representatives allowed us to explore some of the greatest barriers and discuss creative solutions to help drive equal access to potentially life-saving treatment, care, and clinical trials in U.S. communities with limited local resources. 


Watch the video to the left or click below to explore more about the importance of bringing quality healthcare to local communities and for more outcomes from the Las Vegas Forum.

Tampa, FL Forum

Rethinking the New Survivorship | April 25, 2017

The second stop of the series led us to Tampa, home to the state with the nation’s largest senior population, where we built upon the Cancer and the Community conversation by exploring cancer survivorship in the aging population and how it impacts patients, caregivers and society. Key members of the cancer care community convened to better understand the challenges survivors face and how collaboration on a local level can help address them.


Watch the video to the left or click below for more insights on how survivorship is changing the way we address post-cancer care.

Louisville, KY Roundtable

Tackling the Cancer Crisis | March 6, 2017

The series kicked off in Kentucky, the nation’s “cancer capital,” where key local, regional and national thought leaders convened to address the cancer crisis and what can be done to reduce the state’s skyrocketing cancer incidence and mortality rates and ensure more people have access to cancer screening, treatment and comprehensive care.


Watch the video to the left or click below to learn more about the cancer epidemic in Kentucky and what we learned from our discussion.

Washington, D.C. Roundtable

Washington D.C. Roundtable

Taking Action | November 7

Exploring series lessons learned and a look forward at how policy can impact cancer treatment from lab to patient. 


Check back for outcomes of this event.