AtlanticLIVE 2018 Series

Cancer and the Community

The AtlanticLIVE Cancer and the Community series, underwritten by Bristol Myers Squibb, gathers stakeholders to start conversations about the cancer care barriers facing local communities and to share ideas about how to address them.

Cancer and the Community


ancer doesn’t only vastly affect those battling this devastating disease, it also alters the lives of the patients’ surrounding support networks – their loved ones, friends, healthcare teams and beyond. Bristol Myers Squibb is underwriting AtlanticLIVE’s Cancer and the Community event series for a second year to make sure there’s an opportunity to continue the conversation about these challenges and to explore solutions.

Since 2017, Cancer and the Community has gathered thought leaders and community members from across the U.S. to examine the many ways cancer impacts different communities: Louisville, KY; Tampa, FL; Las Vegas, NV; Washington, D.C.; and Pittsburgh, PA. The series explores the nuances unique to each city along with innovative ways community members from across the healthcare continuum are uniting to improve local treatment and care.

Over the next several months, Bristol Myers Squibb is continuing the conversation with community leaders in Minneapolis and Seattle to learn more about how we can better collaborate to help bring the best care to patients where they need it most – in their own backyards.

To see highlights from our 2017 series, please visit our archive here

Minneapolis, MN Exchange

Addressing Disparities in Cancer Care | September 18, 2018

Nearly 50% of Minnesotans will be diagnosed with a serious cancer in their lifetime.1 At the same time, the Twin Cities have been at the forefront of driving innovative research and expanding access to care, which make the region an ideal next stop in the Cancer and the Community series. AtlanticLIVE, along with members of the local community, will dive into the topics of overcoming barriers and personalizing cancer care for patients.

Check below to learn more about the state of cancer care in Minneapolis and what we learned from our discussion.


1.  Minnesota Cancer Facts and Figures. Minnesota Department of Health. 2015.
Pittsburgh, PA Exchange

Tackling Environmental Risk Factors | March 29, 2018

The series kicked off in Pittsburgh, where air pollutants in Allegheny County have been shown to correlate with a higher risk of lung cancer. We discussed the importance of collaboration and how to best serve residents who are fighting cancer. Key thought leaders explored the intersection of cancer innovations and community care.

Click below to learn more about the cancer crisis in Pittsburgh and what we learned from our discussion.

Seattle, WA 

Fall 2018