Committed to creating a better future for cancer patients

Over the past several decades our innovative medicines have improved how cancer is treated, making long-term survival a possibility for more patients. We strive to help more patients across a broad range of solid tumors and blood disorders with our medicines, scientific discovery and investigational research, and are working with partners to address all aspects of patient care, from diagnosis onward.

But until we can offer each person with cancer a better, healthier life, and find a cure, we will keep working.

Opportunities to advance care

Together with those like Tamara who have been impacted by cancer, we are filled with hope for the future of cancer care. Learn more about Tamara and our commitment and comprehensive approach to transforming cancer care.

Supporting patients beyond medicines 

Cancer can impact many aspects of a patient’s life. Hear from Kate about her experience with cancer and how we’re working to support patients and caregivers by providing access to the resources and education they need.

Perspectives on progress 

Hear from a cancer patient and our employees about the impact of innovation in cancer and how we are working to empower all cancer patients to have a better future.

Pioneering the future of cancer care

From diagnosis onward, learn about our commitment to improving the lives of cancer patients.

Continuing innovation in cancer care

Every day we strive to push the boundaries and explore new frontiers in cancer treatment.

Building on today’s science to research medicines of tomorrow >

Learn how we are working to potentially uncover next-generation approaches and breakthroughs for patients with cancer.

Advancing cancer research: Yesterday, today and tomorrow  >

Explore milestones that have shaped cancer discovery, and how researchers are using these learnings to advance science today.

Confronting the complexities of cancer >

Learn how Bristol Myers Squibb is pursuing multiple approaches to match the biology of cancer and advance the next generation of treatments.

Addressing cancer earlier >

Learn about how we’re investigating immunotherapies earlier in cancer treatment and in more tumor types to maximize the impact for patients.

Our commitment to the cancer community

We are committed to fostering a community of support, creating awareness about the challenges people living with cancer face, and spearheading initiatives to address disparities in cancer research and care.

Survivorship Today: What it’s like to live with cancer >

Learn about Survivorship Today, which aims to shed light on the realities of living with cancer today to advance our collective understanding and build better support.

Accelerating and expanding health equity and diversity efforts >

See how we’re working to address health disparities to serve more patients with serious disease. 

Scientific and disease-specific resources

View and download infographic resources to learn about a variety of solid and hematologic cancers and new cutting-edge treatment approaches.

Learning about cancer  >

View statistics and download infographics about different types of cancer.

Targeting cancer with cell therapy >

Discover how CAR T cell therapy engineers a more personalized attack on cancer.

Understanding cellular protein degradation >

Learn more about how scientists are exploring ways to use protein degradation to approach cancer research in a new way using the body’s natural system to remove pathogenic proteins.