Cancer in U.S.

The Foundation collaborates with clinic- and community-based service providers to improve health outcomes among underserved populations with cancers.​

Lung Cancer

In the U.S., lung cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, with African Americans suffering significantly higher incidence and mortality rates and with marked regional variations. Bridging Cancer Care™ supports pilot projects that seek to reduce the burden of lung cancer among minority and underserved populations through innovative models of prevention, detection and education. It also helps people living with lung cancer access and navigate cancer care and community-based survivorship services.​ 

Success Stories

Changing the Ways We Approach Lung Cancer​ >

Kentucky LEADS works to better understand and assist underserved lung cancer patients 

Reducing the Fear of Lung Cancer Screening >

Using community engagement to increase awareness and reduce the fear and stigma attached to testing.

Preparing for Survivors >

Patient-centric care empowers lung cancer survivors to choose what matters most

Training Community Members to Raise Awareness of Melano >

Community networks serve migrant farmworkers at high risk for skin cancers.​

Bridging Cancer Care in the U.S. and in Central & Eastern Europe

Bridging Cancer Care in the U.S. and in Central & Eastern Europe

In the U.S., our Bridging Cancer Care™ initiative will be active in the states in the Southeast determined to have the highest lung cancer burden. Bridging Cancer Care will focus grantmaking on pilot projects that aim to reduce the burden of lung cancer among minority and underserved populations through innovative models of prevention, detection and education, and by helping those living with lung cancer to access and navigate cancer care and community-based support services.


In Central and Eastern Europe, the Foundation’s Bridging Cancer Care™ initiative is working with partners in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Russia to improve cancer nursing skills and to engage nurses to increase education and awareness and to improve cancer outcomes in their communities.

Our Grantees

Other Cancers

The Foundation’s new Specialty Care for Vulnerable Populations initiative is addressing gaps in the U.S. healthcare system that can lead to Medicaid, uninsured and underinsured people with lung cancer or skin cancer significantly delaying care, falling out of care or – worst of all – not receiving the care recommended for them.