Delivering meaningful innovations for the multiple sclerosis community

October 11, 2021     
By Jonathan Sadeh, vice president and head of Immunology Development, Global Drug Development, Bristol Myers Squibb

Today, there are approximately 2.5 million people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) worldwide that are coping with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges that impact daily life as a result of this disease. 

Most of these individuals face unpredictable and debilitating symptoms such as vision impairment, difficulty walking, brain fog and slowed thinking, and can experience periods of relapse, followed by partial or complete remission. At Bristol Myers Squibb, we are focused on delivering meaningful innovations to help people living with MS.

Positive change for this community lies in understanding how early damage to both white and grey matter may lead to physical and cognitive decline. By introducing new solutions and implementing clinical trial endpoints that better assess cognitive health along a patient’s journey, we seek to innovate at every angle to address the disease's hallmark relapses and irreversible brain loss—and ultimately move the field forward. We are also in the early stages of evaluating novel disease mechanisms and pathways that may have the potential to generate the next generation of treatments for MS. 

We also work to provide solutions that help patients achieve overall wellbeing, including harmony of the body and mind. Bristol Myers Squibb includes patient support programs, online resources, partnerships with consortiums and patient access initiatives. These efforts, paired with pathbreaking science, are working towards freeing patients and their loved ones from the burdens of the disease—transforming lives and providing hope for a better future.

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