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Translational Science and Biomarker Research

Understanding Tumor Mutation Burden

Mutations in tumor cells may affect how well the immune system recognizes those cells as cancer. Ongoing research is assessing whether a measurement of the number of these mutations can serve as a potential biomarker.
Unlocking Cancer’s Genetic Fingerprint

Unlocking Cancer’s Genetic Fingerprint

We’ve collaborated with Scientific American to decode the latest information on tumor mutation burden.

Biomarkers in the Research Setting

Hear from Dr. Naiyer Rizvi, Columbia University

Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine

Translational medicine is a collaborative bench-to-bedside-to-bench approach which incorporates multiple areas of basic research to better understand disease biology.

Biomarkers in Immuno-Oncology

We’re exploring the potential role of immune biomarkers to better understand how tumor biology can be used as a guide for treatment.

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