Global Diveristy & Inclusion Report 2020: Our Inclusion and Engagement Model - Bristol Myers Squibb

By applying a scientific approach to GD&I and making financial commitments, including talent investments, we see a lasting impact on employee recruitment and engagement, innovation and overall business performance.

Our internal data showed that enhancing inclusion and employee engagement required transforming our traditional employee resource groups to People and Business Resource Groups (PBRGs) to better inspire and equip our people to be true business leaders and drive business results and innovation.

As a result, in 2016, we invested in a new strategy directly linking the enterprise business strategy and objectives to individual PBRGs. Our model empowers members to be business leaders, adding value through the execution of business plans, accelerated leadership development for members and building the external reputation of our company.

To help drive our company strategy and amplify the value created by the PBRGs, we take a focused business-led approach toward the investment that we make in each PBRG business unit:

Full-Time Dedicated Leadership

Each PBRG has a dedicated full-time leader who is responsible for the three- year business strategy, execution and financial plans, membership growth and engagement, as well as the accelerated leadership development of its constituency base.

Leadership Team Accountability

Functioning as the board of directors for each PBRG, senior leaders are accountable for the governance of each PBRG as well as the career development of the full-time leads.

Business Performance and Governance

Each PBRG business plan is linked to the company strategy and objectives with performance oversight by the Bristol Myers Squibb Leadership Team and the Global Diversity & Inclusion Council. This empowers employee members to drive value and leverage their scientific and patient expertise, talent connections and community partnerships to meet the needs of our diverse patient base.

People and Business Resource Groups

PBRGs offer our workforce proactive opportunities to support business priorities, foster employee engagement and shape a culture of inclusion. Coordinated by the company’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Center of Excellence, our workforce can connect, learn and contribute to one or more PBRG.

Bristol Myers Squibb Network of Women

Established 2004
Thalia Mingo
Global Lead, B-NOW

Differently-Abled Workplace Network

Established 2009
Tinamarie Duff
Global Lead, DAWN

PRIDE Alliance Logo PRIDE Alliance

Established 2003
Paul Shay

Black Organization for Leadership and Development

Established 2001
Shamika Williams
Global Lead, BOLD

OLA logo
Organization for Latino Achievement

Established 2004
Leticia Ferri
Global Lead, OLA

Veterans Community Network

Established 2012
Kristin Jemison
Global Lead, VCN

Cultivating Leadership and Innovation for Millennials and Beyond

Established 2004
Adriana Zupa-Fernandez
Global Lead,CLIMB

Pan Asian Network

Established 2005
Jing Yang
Global Lead, PAN

PBRG membership has grown to over 12,500 members across 104 chapters in 43 countries since inception.

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