Global Diveristy & Inclusion Report 2020: The Journey Ahead: Moving Forward Together - Bristol Myers Squibb

External Recognition

The recognition and awards we have received to date are inspiring us to continue our journey ahead.

“The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation applauds Bristol Myers Squibb’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. We are very grateful to Bristol Myers Squibb for its support of our Community Engagement initiative and for its commitment to helping us reach and engage with diverse patient and caregiver populations.”


2019 - 2020

We have more to do to continue our journey. Our success in achieving our commitments will require us to continue to leverage the progress we have made. It will require us to turn the momentum we have created into new milestones we can celebrate.

We do not experience the world through one lens at a time, so we should not expect to experience the workplace that way either. Achieving our representation commitments will allow us to reach more patients and work towards overcoming systemic barriers for a healthier society. There are many people across the company who are working to ensure we meet these commitments, but this will require all employees to play a role in creating a more inclusive culture, not just for ourselves but for one another.

Diversity and inclusion remain critical to ensuring we keep our promise to our employees, patients and partners around the world to foster a fair, equitable and diverse workforce where every member can be true to themselves. 


Through our success, we will produce groundbreaking results that will benefit patients everywhere and, in turn, drive business performance, science and society forward.


Some photographs were taken prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and before mask and social distancing recommendations.

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