Beatrice Anduze-Faris, M.D

Beatrice Anduze-Faris, M.D

Head of Global Clinical Compliance & Continuous Improvement


Global Clinical Operations


Beatrice Anduze-Faris, M.D., is Head of Global Clinical Compliance & Continuous Improvement at Bristol Myers Squibb. Prior to this position, she led Medical strategy with Commercial and Development colleagues for a broad portfolio of marketed products that span the company’s Immunoscience, Virology and established brands.


Since joining Bristol Myers Squibb in 1999, Beatrice has held positions of increasing responsibility in commercial, Regulatory, and Medical functions both in the U.S. and internationally. Prior to her current role, she was part of the U.S. Medical organization and led the viral hepatitis team to a successful launch of one of its HCV medicines. 


Beatrice earned her Medical Degree in 1993 from the Faculty of Medicine Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris, France, and completed her general medicine residency at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital where she practiced for several years, caring for people living with HIV/AIDS and conducting clinical research.

Interests and Expertise

As a former customer of Bristol Myers Squibb and a physician motivated by patients’ well-being, Beatrice is passionate about delivering a superior customer experience while ensuring rewarding careers for her team members. She constantly seeks insights into how customers think, live, make decisions, and interact with Bristol Myers Squibb.


Inspired by family members in the medical profession, Beatrice decided to become a doctor at age five. That early choice didn’t stop her from exploring many different paths, including entering business school or pursuing her passion for flight. At age 16, she traveled alone to the United States and flew a Cessna from Boston to Sacramento in 12 days. Her sense of adventure also encouraged her to move to the U.S. in 2003, when she transitioned to Bristol Myers Squibb corporate headquarters. While embracing new professional challenges, she also found time to earn her private pilot license. Along with her husband Adam and son Ethan, she now calls central New Jersey home.


Beatrice believes that change happens when people advocate for important issues and shift policies. In that context, she recently became tri-chair of DAWN, the Differently Abled Workplace Network PBRG (People and Business Resource Group). She also is an international healthcare advocate, sitting on the Board of Directors of the Mongolia-based Onom Foundation, which focuses on addressing challenges in healthcare, education and democracy to make a tangible difference in the lives of ordinary Mongols.


As Beatrice’s personal and professional journey continues, it’s her mission of connecting people in the pursuit of global health advances that propels her into each day with passion and purpose.