Cynthia Brogdon, RN, PhD - Bristol Myers Squibb

Cynthia Brogdon, RN, PhD

Cynthia Brogdon, RN, PhD

Head, Oncology Portfolio Strategy, Oncology Medical

Central New Jersey


Cynthia Brogdon, RN, PhD, serves as the head of oncology portfolio strategy at Bristol Myers Squibb. In nearly a decade of work, she has served in several roles in the oncology space, including group director of oncology medical strategy, immuno-oncology disease area head and head of oncology field medical. 


In her current job, Cynthia provides oversight and direction across the company’s oncology portfolio, bridging the discovery and development teams in order to guide strategy and best practices across the U.S. medical organization, including cross-tumor strategy and integration of standard processes between tumor teams. She also serves as a member of the U.S. medical oncology senior leadership team.


Prior to joining Bristol Myers Squibb, Cynthia worked at several life sciences companies on the West Coast, including Genentech and Amgen, before eventually moving east to join Bristol Myers Squibb at its Lawrenceville, NJ, site. 

Interests and Expertise

A nurse practitioner by training, helping others has always been a part of Cynthia’s DNA. For her, working at Bristol Myers Squibb allows her to keep her patient-centric viewpoint, while expanding her role in oncology.   


“My vision and goals in life are driven by how I can help patients,” Cynthia says. “Each role in my career has been centered around helping others. Bristol Myers Squibb provides a space for me to continue to be connected to patients in a meaningful way.” 


However, helping others doesn’t stop when Cynthia walks out the doors of the Lawrenceville site. She says being part of a large Italian family means that there is always love to spread around, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.   


“Any spare time that I have, I choose to spend it with my family. They’re just so full of love that I’ll always dedicate myself to them and their lives.”