David Gordon - Bristol Myers Squibb Featured Researcher

David Gordon, PhD

David Gordon, PhD

Vice President, Cardiovascular and Fibrosis Discovery Biology

Central New Jersey


David Gordon, PhD, serves as vice president of Cardiovascular and Fibrosis Discovery Biology at Bristol Myers Squibb. In this role, David leads a team that guides the first steps in the drug discovery and development process, working to identify targets for new drugs in cardiovascular and fibrotic diseases. David and his team then work to identify molecules to modulate these targets in a manner required to slow, stop or reverse the disease process, with the hope of eventually moving them forward into clinical trials. 


David has been at Bristol Myers Squibb for over three decades, starting immediately following his post-doctoral fellowship. Prior to his current role, David spent 10 years leading discovery working groups, before moving into the drug discovery management space – focusing on diseases that have suboptimal or no standard of care – where he’s been ever since. 


“The diseases we focus on are serious, progressive diseases of the heart, lung and liver that have a significant impact on quality of life and greatly increase the risk of premature mortality,” he said. “We hope to be able to create a stronger, lasting impact in addressing the unmet need patients face every day.” 


David graduated from the State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo with a bachelor’s degree in biology. He went on to earn his PhD in pharmacology from SUNY Stony Brook.

Interests and Expertise

During his time at Bristol Myers Squibb, David has been engaged with a number of important diversity and inclusion programs.


“It’s vital that the industry continues to establish and promote diversity in all aspects, to deliver the best treatment options for our patients. Only when we bring diverse ideas, perspectives and experiences together can we explore all avenues and make truly informed decisions, to create the largest possible impact for patients in need,” he said.


When David isn’t focused on exploring novel treatment options for patients, he explores his passion for music, playing both the flute and recorder. In addition, David enjoys spending time outdoors, boating, hiking and skiing, and also exercising his love for cooking in the kitchen.